My Vision…

Every Frederick County educator possesses the resources they require to be successful in and outside the classroom. Every student can access world-class programs in an equitable environment that allows them to thrive.

Frederick County teachers are paid less than an equally certified teacher in every surrounding county at almost all points of the pay scale. Despite a steady recovery from lagging budgets over the past five years, educators’ salaries and benefits have not yet caught up.

Not all students are pursuing college immediately following high school. I support expanded access to high-quality career and technical programming by offering additional pathways to post-secondary success for students who may not plan to enter college immediately following high school.

I support directing additional resources to meet unique student needs and the expansion of the community-based mental health model to decrease caseloads and create more effective outcomes for students.

By authority of Friends of Rae Gallagher, Collin Brown, Treasurer