Policy Platform

  • Only Harford County spends less per pupil than Frederick County Public Schools, a precipitous decline from 10 years ago.
  • Frederick County teachers are paid less than an equally certified teacher in every surrounding county at almost all points of the pay scale: Montgomery, Carroll, Howard, and Washington County average between $500 and $14000 more than FCPS teachers.

  • Increase every students access to small group and individualized tutoring both within and outside of the traditional school day through effective implementation of tested programs that demonstrate best practices.
  • Expand CTC programs for greater access of high school students and life skills/academic programs for students at the elementary and middle school and decrease the perceived stigma attached to vocational programs.

  • Support the expansion of community-based mental health models, such as school social workers, PPW and CASS structures to decrease caseloads and create more effective outcomes for students.
  • Push Frederick County government entities to greatly expand pre-Kindergarten education to focus on 3- and 4-year olds from the subgroups demonstrating struggles to graduate. 

By authority of Friends of Rae Gallagher, Collin Brown, Treasurer