FCPS graduating students are enrolling in college/universities at rates between 75% (enrollment at 12-months post-graduation) to 79% (24-months post-graduation). Across the state, Black and Latino students are less likely to enroll in college within one year of graduation than their white peers – and this gap increases for students from lower incomes. All students deserve access to high-quality academic programming that meets their unique needs, including examining curricula with a racial equity lens.

  • Provide access to additional in-school or after-school programming and targeted intervention for students who are not meeting college and career readiness standards through effective implementation of tested programs that demonstrate best practices.

Expand access to high-quality career and technical (CTE) programming by offering additional pathways to post-secondary success for students who may not plan to enter college immediately following high school. Seek additional support for the 26 programs currently in place within FCPS and their immediate expansion throughout FCPS ranging from Construction Technology Programs like Carpentry to Mechanical Programs like Collision Repair or Service Programs like Cosmetology. Our schools must acknowledge that every child is not college-bound, and make efforts to remove the perceived stigma of pursuing alternative post-secondary options, including employment in high-demand industries with pathways to high wages and good benefits. By increasing access to a variety of CTE programming, all students will face greater options for post-secondary success.

  • Expand CTC programs for greater access of high school students and life skills/academic programs for students at the elementary and middle school and decrease the perceived stigma attached to vocational programs.

By authority of Friends of Rae Gallagher, Collin Brown, Treasurer